The Bard People are
“Salt Water People”

The ocean has been pivotal in the lives of the Bard people for many thousands of years as both a source of food and spiritual significance. Evidence of their salt water heritage can be found in the traditional artworks and pearl shell designs. Their connection to the ocean has shaped the Bard culture on many levels including folklore, recreation, diet and economic activity. Lombadina offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience their local and traditional way of life through their tourism ventures.

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It is necessary to obtain a day pass for those people wishing to have a leisurely stroll around the community and visit our beach. These can be obtained by visiting the office on arrival. The cost is $10 per vehicle.

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Visitors to Lombadina Community enjoy a choice of accommodation options designed to fit a diverse range of requirements and budgets. We offer everything from deluxe apartments to single quarters and camping.

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